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All of our free targets are at your disposal. Some can be printed at home on standard 8″ x 11″ paper, other targets must be downloaded to a zip file and brought to your local printing store for larger format printing. Save hundreds of dollars per year by printing your own targets for a variety of shooting requirements.

Riverland Targets was founded by individuals that share a strong passion for the shooting sports. If you’re such an enthusiast you too will know what it means to share that passion.

Here at Riverland Targets we believe in the importance of honing your marksmanship skills as well as keeping and maintaining those skills. As any good marksman knows, whether you shoot pistol, rifle, shotgun or archery, shooting often is the best way to achieve and keep your skills sharp. To assist with that we have created our own line of free targets to support the sighting in of your guns, as well as specialty targets to help those of you with things such as hand-load testing and documenting.

At Riverland Targets we also believe that after your firearms have been sighted in it is just as important to kick back and have a different kind of fun shooting at non-traditional targets. To that end we decided to create the zombie ‘pop shot’ targets.

Everybody knows that a shot to the cranium is the best and easiest way to kill a zombie from a safe distance. So whether you’re looking to shoot at something that is different, or maybe to have a friendly competition with a friend, or possibly to start a unique shooting league at your gun club, check out the line of custom zombie targets.
Every so often be sure to pay us a visit at Riverland Targets to see new and unique targets that will help you enjoy your shooting experiences.

From plinking, to serious sighting in of hunting rifles, to hardcore tactical training, we have the paper targets you need – for FREE!

At The Range
At The Range


Sampling of some of our Free Targets!

Free Silhouette Targets!
Free Zombie Targets
Free MISC Targets


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